Now That Your
Mouth is Watering...


M e d i t e r r a n e a n C u i s i n e

Our Story

Great food can't be rushed. This is a mantra that we hold firm to as we chop our vegetables, bake our Somun bread, and slowly roast our hand-seasoned angus-quality doner meat on a rotisserie the traditional way. When you place your order, we hand-craft your meal using a medley of fresh, organic, premium ingredients to create a mouthwatering Mediterranean experience for you. Nothing is frozen here. It is all made-from-scratch daily and cooked to order and while that takes time, it's well worth the wait.

Pride. Tradition. Simple ingredients. Abundant flavor. That’s the J’s Pitaria way. Visit us today and try our authentic Mediterranean cuisine for yourself!

Our Menu

Inspired by the Bosnian pantry with influences from culinary traditions around the Mediterranean peninsula as well as souvenirs from our travels, J’s Pitaria is both fast and slow: a contemporary and traditional kitchen at the same time. Menu items made in house daily with fresh ingredients and our latest kitchen research.